SIS+ (Statistical and Information System)

Data, facts, figures, information about the card portfolio, cardholder behaviour, costs and revenue are the basis for future developments and business decisions in credit card management.

SIS+ provides detailed reports in all areas of credit card management - such as cardholder data, account data, transaction processing, authorizations, income statement - in a competitive, efficient and flexible way.

Standard reports as well as user defined evaluations are provided instantly. Results are available without programming effort and can be exported to other systems for further use.

  • SIS+ enables analysis of heterogenous data
  • SIS+ integrates data from different sources and produces a consistent database
  • SIS+ is subject-oriented and provides relevant data for analysis and decision processes
  • SIS+ offers data management on a permanent base
  • SIS+ keeps data from different operational sources in a consistent structure
  • SIS+ is time-focused and enables analysis about time-related and chronological changes and developments
  • SIS+ is successfully used by more than 500 banks and savings banks in Germany and delivers statistics each day in an effective way.

PSX² is now accessible via the PCP portal.

  • New graphical interfaces
  • Enhanced user-friendliness via PCP
  • WEB accessibility with the advantages of the PCP environment

SIS+ is a development  with our partner company Sofistika.